Rail3D Wishes Summary Listing (Current)


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Identifier Category Reported date Brief description Status
111 Wish List 07/02/2013 Short semaphore signal sections Reported
107 Wish List 28/01/2013 Requirement for an auto save option Reported
103 Wish List 01/01/2013 Fast forward Reported
99 Wish List 07/12/2012 Train roster display Reported
87 Wish List 12/10/2012 Doors closing when trains are stabled in a station Reported
77 Wish List 14/07/2011 Change of water texture Reported
76 Wish List 07/07/2011 New scripts - FrontOfTrainPassedNode() and RearOfTrainPassedNode() Reported
64 Wish List 06/11/2008 OnDivide() for scripts Reported
63 Wish List 06/11/2008 OnCombine() for scripts Reported
57 Wish List 04/09/2007 Pause on save Reported
56 Problem 04/09/2007 Scenery tools not easily cancelled Reported
55 Wish List 04/09/2007 Scenery identification Reported
54 Wish List 19/07/2007 Position options for a reverse Reported
53 Wish List