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Identifier: 105
Category: Bug
Bug severity: Not working as designed Status: Tested
Reported date: 17/01/2013 (Build 107) Date fixed: 03/02/2013
Keywords: Scenery Expected build: Next
Mode: Build with fix:
Application: Rail3D Implementer: M Goodspeed
Brief description: Linear scenery anomaly Comments:
Screenshot1: Editor view Screenshot2: Layout view
Detailed description:

Certain linear scenery shows differently in the editor preview and on a layout. The model: Name LowPlatformWide_be Metric Linear Track2 Skin "2.7/platform_tiles_be.bmp" #platform fill -170/0/20 -600/0/20 @0.14,0.777 fill -170/0/-55 -170/0/20 @0.0,0.14 fill -600/0/20 -600/0/-55 @0,0.125 [end] The screenshots show this in the editor preview and on a layout.