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Identifier: 61
Category: Bug
Bug severity: Not working as designed Status: Reported
Reported date: 24/09/2008 (Build 103) Date fixed:
Keywords: script Expected build:
Mode: Build with fix:
Application: Rail3D Implementer:
Brief description: Script problems Comments:
Detailed description:

Firstly, Signal.GetRouteLimit() is returning huge values for some reason - for example, "40mph" would be translated at a few hundred thousand m/s (unless it returns some other unit?) Secondly, Train.SetLimitAt(float l, float a, float y), (what are "a" and "y"? Should they be "x" and "y", relating to a node?), throws an "unknown parameter" error for the "At" part, so I assume R3D thinks I'm trying to use Train.SetLimit and not recognising the function as a different one.