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Identifier: 94
Category: Bug
Bug severity: Not working as designed Status: Tested
Reported date: 20/11/2012 (Build 107) Date fixed: 26/11/2012
Keywords: K3 flag Expected build: Next
Mode: Build with fix:
Application: Rail3D Implementer: Mark Goodspeed
Brief description: K3 signal exempt flag not working Comments:
Screenshot1: Signal setting and train roster entry
Detailed description:

When the K3 exempt signal flag is set, the train roster should not show a train stopped at such a signal as being held (in red). Two suggestions are put forward: 1) If such a train is held awaiting a release, perhaps the status should show this reason 2) I would prefer any message for a held train to be in the status column, such that the notes column could still show the train notes.