Class 380 EMU at Drem on its first day
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The 125 HST farewell tour at Dunbar on 20/12/2019.


First train to arrive at platform 2 on 15/12/2019.


New bridge at Dunbar just after its installation on 04/11/2019.


Artist's impression of new Platform at Dunbar.


Flower Train at Dunbar.


New sign at Dunbar.


New sign at Dunbar.


Class 380 at Dunbar showing new notices on train doors announcing the operator as Abellio.


Class 380 EMU at Dunbar with a CrossCountry train passing on the fast line.


Karen Boswell, MD of East Coast on the occasion of her visit to Dunbar to meet with RAGES on 19 March 2012.


First day of service of 380 on 11/06/2011 pictured at Waverley.


Our chairman, Tom Thorburn alighting at Dunbar from the first ScotRail train on 24/05/2010 for over 20 years when most of the Committee joined him.


First ScotRail train to Dunbar on 24/05/2010 pictured at Waverley.


A re-furbished Dunbar station was officially opened on 19 July 1999 by the then MSP John Home Robretson (left).

Dunbar Service Enhanced

ScotRail were running a limited service between Edinburgh and Dunbar during peak hours. This was planned on the basis that Dunbar would still be served by CrossCountry and LNER. However CrossCountry removed the majority of their services that call at Dunbar in the northbound direction, meaning that there were no services from Dunbar to Edinburgh between 08:56 and 14:44.

To fill this gap, ScotRail re-instated the 11:02 from Dunbar to Edinburgh and the 13:01 from Dunbar to Edinburgh from Monday 22nd February 2021. These schedules, along with the 10:13 from Edinburgh to Dunbar and the 12:12 from Edinburgh to Dunbar, are now included the ScotRail website.

Extra Platform for Dunbar

Network Rail, and main contractor Amco, began work in May 2019 on Dunbar’s new second platform. Construction work on the project will be ongoing until early 2020, with the new platform becoming operational from 15th December 2019.

The project has delivered a new, 271m-long second platform and a fully-accessible steel footbridge, with sandstone clad lift towers. Northbound stopping services are now using the new platform and it will also allow train companies on the East Coast Main Line to operate more services on the route in the future.

The construction of the new platform has provided additional capacity, improved operational flexibility will support a potential journey time improvement for some northbound services on the East Coast Main Line.

Photographs of construction progress can be seen at Tom Dickson's photograph page.

More information about the project can be found at the Network Rail web page by clicking here.

The new footbridge was put in place on the night shift of 3rd/4th November.  A 500 tonne crane was used to install the footbridge which is 26m long weighing approximately 20 tonnes.

The Network Rail video of the crane lift can be seen at this link.

The first passenger train to arrive at the new platform was the LNER Newcastle to Edinburgh service (1S03) on Sunday 15 December 2019 to depart 10:04 hrs.

Click here for a video of its arrival at platform 2 - 14 minutes late!

There was a celebratory event to mark the completion and opening of the new platform at Dunbar on 17th December 2019.  RAGES was invited to this.

Associated work is still on-going for platform 2 with a pavement now laid behind it.  Work is also underway on a road alonside.  It is expected that this will become a pedestrian access when construction work is completed.

It is also beleived that the car park will be extended through what was the old goods yard and a new road installed. Once the road is completed the main access road to the station and this new road will form part of a one-way system with the intention that this will facilitate bus services that will be timed to arrive/depart with some of the train services.

Story at Dunbar

RAGES has long been pressing for the re-introduction of the local service from Edinburgh to Berwick with the possible re-opening of stations at East Linton and Reston.

On 24 May 2010 First ScotRail started the new Monday-Friday services.

A further return service around lunchtime was offered from the December 2010 timetable. From December 2010, ScotRail began running the 23:17 Edinburgh to Dunbar on a Friday. In the May 2011 timetable, ScotRail introduced a 16:33 Edinburgh to Dunbar and 17:02 return service and all their Dunbar trains now stop at Musselburgh. From December 2011, ScotRail have added a further service at 22:06 from Edinburgh to Dunbar on Saturdays only. This was a vast improvement on the previous last train at 19:00 by East Coast.

East Lothian Council, RAGES and Sustaining Dunbar organised a public meeting in Dunbar to offer further information for inclusion in the study as reported in The Rages Rag Issue 47.

From Saturday 15 December 2011, new Edinburgh to Dunbar Saturday services started which matched the weekday one.  All stop at Musselburgh.

When the new local service is introduced, Dunbar will benefit with extra trains in the early morning and later at night with the two-hour service.

Dunbar station came under the ScotRail management on 1 July 2015.  Re-branding of the station has started as can be seen in the photographs opposite.

Volunteers at Dunbar station have planted up the new train barrel planter recently placed on the station platform by ScotRail, as seen in the photograph opposite (courtesy of John Yellowlees).

After RAGES pursued ScotRail for replacement of the often non-working ticket machine as well as a second one, both of these have now happened.

RAGES are delighted to announce that after all their meetings with Virgin Trains East Coast to negotiate additional calls for Dunbar and Berwick, two totally new services have been introduced. These are:

Saturdays only 20:00 Edinburgh to Newcastle, calling at Dunbar 20:20, Berwick 20:45, Alnmouth 21:06, Morpeth 21:26 and Newcastle 21:43 and

Sundays only 08:45 Newcastle to Edinburgh, calling at Morpeth 09:00, Alnmouth 09:16, Berwick 09:40, Dunbar 10:04 and Edinburgh 10:28.

RAGES are grateful for these new services and will continue discussions with Virgin Trains East Coast to have a mid-morning Edinburgh to King's Cross train call at Dunbar and a mid-morning to noon King's Cross departure service call at Dunbar.

At the meeting with the Minister for Transport on 8th February 2017, RAGES raised the following two points about fares and additional services at Dunbar.

Fares at Dunbar, which is a ScotRail station, are set by Virgin Trains East Coast. This is grossly unjust given that ScotRail have just increased their fares by 1.9% whereas VTEC increased Dunbar passengers' fares by 5%. In addition, these passengers are unique in that they have to pay 4 to park their cars, unlike passengers from the other six stations in East Lothian.
Also there are no off-peak fares available from Dunbar, again unlike the other ScotRail stations.

RAGES asked the Minister to have this situation addressed in favour of Dunbar station passengers.

Also, Dunbar station requires additional services for this rapidly expanding town. Our passenger statistics show that there are in excess of 460 passengers boarding the first three Edinburgh bound services (07:00, 07:42 and 08:56).

Given that there are now another 1500 houses planned for Dunbar, this further reinforces the need for additional services – especially early morning services. These services should be provided by a ScotRail service which will have the additional benefit of protecting paths required for East Linton and Reston stations and relieving overcrowding on trains that serve Wallyford and Musselburgh.

RAGES therefore asked the Minister to have additional ScotRail services provided for Dunbar.  The Minister has replied to these points and his comments can be seen in The Rages Rag issue 68. 

Of note is his authorisation to build a second platform at Dunbar and the possible extension to car parking.  More information on the second platform and on the new Azuma Virgin Trains can be found in The Rages Rag issue 69.

RAGES has been successful in getting Virgin Trains East Coast to reduce their fares from Dunbar to Edinburgh - see The Rages Rag issue 69

In pursuit of extra long distance services at Dunbar, RAGES has put forward suggestions to CrossCountry in response to their Timetable Consultation.  RAGES met CrossCountry in October 2017 to discuss our proposals.