Class 380 EMU at Drem on its first day
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Welcome to the web site of RAGES (Rail Action Group, East of Scotland).

Rail Action Group, East of Scotland (RAGES) was formally established at an inaugural meeting in Dunbar on 13th January 1999 and now has around 200 members.

The initial impetus for the formation of RAGES came from commuters’ dissatisfaction with GNER services between Edinburgh and Dunbar. At the inaugural meeting, however, many other issues were raised and the remit of RAGES was, therefore, widened to cover all railways in the south east of Scotland.


The Aims of RAGES are:

We have created a letter which you might like to use as a template to send to your local councillor, MSP or MP (or all three!), encouraging them to press for better rail services in your area. We have included the addresses for MSPs and MPs and select the area appropriate to you in the first paragraph.  Download here.

RAGES is always looking for new members, especially from East Lothian and Berwickshire.